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Scholar's Aid 4 AE Order Form
Shareware; shipping and registration fee included
This package includes setup instructions and a CD. The package is not a fancy commercial package, and it is environment friendly.

Print out this form, fill in the blanks, and send the form to:
           Doyoung Na
           Scholar's Aid, Inc.
           3680 Bellville North Rd.
           Mansfield, OH 44904, USA

Email address:

Pay method:  [  ] Check(cashable in the USA)   [  ] MasterCard/EuroCard
                     [  ] VISA   [  ] Money Order

Amount: US$_____ = Quantity __  x Unit Price US$159 / 109 / 114 / 79 / 59 / 54 / 49 / 39

  • Regular: US$159 ($149+$10 for CD)
  • Student: US$109 ($99+$10 for CD)
  • Group (five or more copies): Regular: US$114 ($104+$10 for CD); Student: US$79 ($69+$10 for CD)
  • Upgrade from SA2000: Regular: US$49 ($39+$10 for CD); Student: US$49 ($39+$10 for CD)
  • Upgrade from previous versions: Regular: US$59 ($49+$10 for CD); Student: US$54 ($44+$10 for CD)

Fill out if you are using a credit card for the payment.
Card number:
Name on card:
Exp. date:

Please supply the following information for our survey. 
Where did you learn about Scholar's Aid:

Signature: X__________________________ Date: ________

Thank you for ordering Scholar's Aid 4 AE.

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